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Welcome to the Intercontinents

Download my new audiobook

You can find "The Assassin of Malcoze"

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Recognition for my newest novel

The Treasure of Lor-Rev won honorable mention for best Adventure novel from the Incipere Awards, was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards for best fiction cover, and a Red Ribbon winner for Best Fiction novel.

IncipereAwards_HonorableMention 2.png

About my books

Welcome to the world of floating continents which will feature tales from all genres.

These books are well paced adventures that hearken back to pulp stories like: Solomon Kane, Elric, and Louis L'Amour westerns.  These stories also incorporate an added a flare of modern style action and character progression, like The Dark Elf Trilogy or Mistborn.

My mission with these novels is simple; create fast paced stand alone adventures in one larger connected universe.  I want anyone to be able to pick one up and get started, without needing an encyclopedia or having to read every other book.  However, for those who want to become entrenched in the Intercontinents, reading more of these stories will reward you with hints and bits of lore referencing the other books.

Thank you to all my future readers, I'm excited to share these adventures with you.

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