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Welcome to the Intercontinents

A new adventure has arrived

After a mission against the Royal Vampiric Court goes horribly wrong, all of the Waywards are slaughtered.

All except one.

Davion, the last surviving member, must consume potions to mask himself and hide amongst the very people who killed his brethren. After a decade of living this double-life, Davion has resigned himself to his new purgatory. But all will not remain calm for him or the Court.

An unknown swordsman arrives, and after killing several Royal Vampires, rumor spreads that he’s searching for anyone still belonging to The Wayward order.

Davion decides he must track down this mysterious swordsman. But will finding him bring freedom or his own demise.

All The Waywards Have Fallen...

Salt Lake City, UT

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King Con Northwest
Renton, WA

27th - 29th

September 21st - 23rd

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Recognition for my BOOKS

IncipereAwards_HonorableMention 2.png

Best Fiction Cover

Treasure of Lor-Rev

Honorable Mention
Best Adventure Novel

Treasure of Lor-Rev

Red Ribbon Winner
Best Fiction Novel

Treasure of Lor-Rev

Best Fantasy Novel

The Assassin of Malcoze

Five Stars
Best Sci-fi Novel

Treasure of Lor-Rev

About my books

Welcome to the world of floating continents which will feature tales from all genres.

These books are well paced adventures that hearken back to pulp stories like: Solomon Kane, Elric, and Louis L'Amour westerns.  These stories also incorporate an added a flare of modern style action and character progression, like The Dark Elf Trilogy or Mistborn.

My mission with these novels is simple; create fast paced stand alone adventures in one larger connected universe.  I want anyone to be able to pick one up and get started, without needing an encyclopedia or having to read every other book.  However, for those who want to become entrenched in the Intercontinents, reading more of these stories will reward you with hints and bits of lore referencing the other books.

Thank you to all my future readers, I'm excited to share these adventures with you.

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