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Fantastic Books and How to Read Them

A podcast miniseries where I cover both of my novels in chapter chunks like a book club with hosts, Ana and Sam.  This podcast was a great way to share insight into my writing process, influences, and a few previews for upcoming projects.

(For The Assassin of Malcoze, look for Miniseries 2)

(For The Treasure of Lor-Rev, look for Miniseries 3)


Books Behind the Badge

During my episode on this podcast with host, Brady Tucker, I discuss my career in Law Enforcement and the journey of publishing my first book.

(Episode 29)


TROI Podcast

I spoke with host Karson Lacy about my journey to become an author, how my family inspired me to achieve my dream, & how I found my artist.

(Episode 27)


WordCraft Podcast

I got to hangout with Kat and Ishi to discuss my fictional universe, writing process, and the state of comic and pulp publishing.

The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Fanatics Podcast

Here I sat down with host, Daniel Coolbaugh got to discuss our books and different Sci-Fi/Fantasy works we grew up loving.

(Season 2 Episode 32)

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